Policies and Disclosures

The Police and Fire Federal Credit Union offers a wide variety of products and services. We know that these products offer you enhanced Service, greater Value, and added Convenience, allowing you to put your full Trust in PFFCU for all of your financial needs.

Please read the following agreements, policies, disclosures and notices. You may print and keep them with your other important account information.

Disclosure Documents:

General Disclosures Regarding the PFFCU website and Online Banking

Anything you see, hear, read or download from this website is made available to you in the spirit of sharing with members of the Police and Fire Federal Credit Union and potential members of PFFCU. We have worked, and are continually working hard, to ensure that all the information contained in the website is current, accurate and usable. This information should be construed only as a guideline. PFFCU is not responsible for errors contained in this website; including, but not limited to, rate information. Notwithstanding any information that may be contained in the website, PFFCU’s policies, procedures and actual rates, approved by the Board of Directors, are in effect. All PFFCU information, including, but not limited to, rates, yields and offers, and information contained in this website, is subject to change, at any time, without notice.

Before relying on, or using, any information contained in the PFFCU website that you feel may be questionable, you should contact the Credit Union by email or call our Telephone Member Service Department at 215-931-0300 or 800-288-8801, to ask for additional information.

All software or other services that we provide directly for use, or that is created by third parties under contract with PFFCU and is provided on our site, is offered subject to the terms, conditions, warranties and disclaimers listed above. Additionally, all services, products and information are provided “as is”.

All links or other connections to other websites, or mention or reference to other companies is solely for informational purposes to PFFCU members, and should not be construed as an endorsement or relationship other than what is plainly stated where such connection is made. If PFFCU provides a link or connection to third party websites, it does not take responsibility for the content of the third party websites. PFFCU does not represent either the third party or you, the member, if you enter into a transaction with the third party. Privacy and security policies of third parties may differ from those of PFFCU.

Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure

In this notice, we are required to advise you of our disclosure policy under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs the sharing of information that may impact upon you for certain purposes, such as credit, collections and insurance. We learn information about you from our experience with you and from information provided by others, such as through credit reports. The Fair Credit Reporting Act permits us to share information we learn from our experience with you with others, including credit reporting agencies. We may also share information provided by others unless you direct us otherwise. If we elect to share information about you provided by others for a purpose under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we will give you a separate notice of our intention to do so and the right to direct us not to share the information.

If you have any questions regarding the Credit Union’s Privacy Statement, please do not hesitate to contact us!