PFFCU Auto Loans

Contact PFFCU before you go to the dealer! PFFCU offers remarkably low rates and a car buying process that can help you save thousands of dollars when buying a new or used vehicle. Our low rates can even help you refinance a loan you have elsewhere.

PFFCU AutoDraft

Contact PFFCU to get your AutoDraft before you go to the dealer. An AutoDraft is an auto loan you receive in the form of a check and can be used to purchase a car up to your approved amount. With no hidden fees, you know the exact cost of your loan. With your PFFCU AutoDraft in hand, you have the bargaining power of a cash buyer when you go to the dealer so you can negotiate the best possible price for the vehicle.
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PFFCU Auto Pricing Service

After receiving your pre-approved PFFCU AutoDraft, you can use PFFCU’s Auto Pricing Service to find the MSRP and Invoice Price for new vehicles or the retail and average trade-in values for pre-owned vehicles. Take this information with you to the dealership. Let the dealer know you are aware of the vehicle's value and that you already have financing in hand so that you can negotiate the best price for the vehicle.
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Refinance your auto loan held elsewhere

If you have an auto loan elsewhere, PFFCU’s low rates can save you money. Check our rates and apply now.