Refinance and Save

Save money when you refinance with a PFFCU Auto Loan.

Refinance and Save

If you have a car loan elsewhere, a PFFCU Auto Loan can save you money. By taking advantage of our low rates, you can reduce your current monthly payment significantly. 
Refinance a car less than two model years old and we’ll give your our new car rate!  You can lower your monthly payment even further by extending the term on your new PFFCU loan.

PFFCU’s auto loan rates are consistently lower than the competition and our commitment to service is second to none. Trust PFFCU to provide the value you deserve with a great low rate and the added convenience of automatic payments!

Refinancing Is Easy!

Give us a call at 215-931-0300 or 800-228-8801 or Apply Online.  Once approved, we’ll send a check to your existing auto lender to pay off your auto loan, and we’ll mail your PFFCU Auto Loan closing documents to you.