John LaRosa’s Letter to Members

Your PFFCU Credit Card, PFFCU Debit Card and Account Information Are Secure

Your PFFCU Visa Credit Card and PFFCU Debit Card have various fraud detection and prevention measures in place to ensure your security. We employ sophisticated software to spot suspicious activity so that we can limit a thief’s use of a member’s card. Unfortunately, the software will sometimes deny a legitimate transaction that is outside your normal spending pattern in its attempt to stop fraudulent transactions. If a fraudulent charge does occur at home or abroad, you can rest easy knowing you have $0 liability on unauthorized purchases when you report the problem promptly.

PFFCU card data has never been compromised, but many merchants and payment platforms where members have used their card have been compromised. When we are notified that a merchant where members have used the card has been compromised, we take immediate precautionary steps to prevent fraud. In these cases, we will make you aware of the situation, disable the effected cards, and reissue a new card to you. Most banks don’t immediately re-issue cards like PFFCU because of the cost and member inconvenience. Most banks wait until they see fraud occurring on the specific card before reissuing because not every card on a compromise list will necessarily have fraud. We are evaluating our current practice to strike the right balance between preventing fraudulent transactions and minimizing member inconvenience.

Use a Chip-enabled Card Reader at Checkout Whenever Possible. Your PFFCU Visa Credit Card and Debit Card are chip-enabled to provide an additional layer of security. Whenever possible, use the chip-enabled card reader instead of swiping your card at the terminal. It reduces the chance your card will be compromised. Using the chip feature is also important because it reduces the likelihood that our fraud monitoring software will deny the transaction. The fraud monitoring software considers a swiped transaction more likely to be fraud if it is done with a chip card. Almost all of the point-of-sale fraud transactions are swiped transactions, not chip transactions.

Remember—Let PFFCU Know When You’re Traveling. Due to high incidents of fraud, if you are planning on using your PFFCU Visa Credit or Debit Card in other countries, you need to call PFFCU before you travel. The use of PFFCU Visa Credit Card or Debit Cards is not permitted in some countries. For a list of those countries where your card may not work, visit Even when traveling within the United States, it is best to notify PFFCU if you plan to use your PFFCU Credit or Debit Card while traveling outside of your general area. Our fraud detection software will alert PFFCU and a transaction may be blocked for your protection when your card is used for purchases that are outside of your normal purchasing pattern.

It is also very important to ensure we have your cell phone number on file so we can contact you in a timely manner if there is ever an issue with your card.

Safeguard Your Information To Prevent Fraud

For your security, never give your Debit Card to others, or share your account information including your Online Banking / Mobile Banking login information, even if it is for someone to make a deposit into your account. If you want someone to make a deposit to your account, you do not need to share your personal information. Simply ask the person to visit any of our 14 conveniently located branches and a Member Service Representative will assist them. Be vigilant when using an ATM, making sure no one is close enough to see your PIN.

At PFFCU, Security and Privacy are a Top Priority

We are dedicated to protecting your financial and personal information. We take every measure to ensure your information stays secure through both our staff and our technology. All staff undergo rigorous training on our security policies and procedures, are required to take courses to keep up to date with security procedures, and are regularly sent reminders of ways to keep member information secure. We take physical precautions with any paperwork (such as using access cards to enter the back offices of our building, locking desks and shredding documents) to ensure your account information stays secure.

Partnering together we can work to ensure your privacy and prevent fraud.

Thank you for your continued support of PFFCU. The Board of Directors and I are committed to continuing to earn your Trust by providing superior Service, Value, and Convenience. However, if you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving, please ask to speak to a PFFCU manager to address your concern immediately or email me at or write to me at PFFCU, 901 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.


John LaRosa

Chief Executive Officer and
Treasurer of the Board of Directors