John LaRosa’s Letter to Members

PFFCU works for you! We are committed to providing the best products delivered with outstanding Member Service through the convenience of our expanding branch network, Call Center, and easy to use electronic services.

Higher Yields on our Premium Yield Account and New Certificates

Now, your Premium Yield Account and new Certificates earn even more. Beginning April 1st, earn a 1.00% APY on a Premium Yield Account. Yields have also risen on new three month to forty-eight month Certificates. Invest with confidence. PFFCU offers you safe, convenient, and flexible ways to save for the future.

We Upgraded Our Credit Card Processor to Better Serve You

March 26, 2017 PFFCU converted to a new credit card processor to continue to provide technology improvements and the highest level of fraud protection.

As part of the conversion, our PFFCU Platinum Rewards Credit Card now combines our Platinum Rewards and Platinum Moneyback Programs into one comprehensive offering. Our new enhanced Rewards Program allows members to redeem points for merchandise, travel, and cash too!

Mobile Banking App Enhancements

You asked; we listened! If you have an Apple device that supports Touch ID, you can now log into PFFCU’s Mobile App using your thumbprint scanner. All members can enable the Remember Me feature which permanently stores their user name making login faster and easier.

New Mobile Loan Applications

We are implementing a new mobile friendly Loan Application system so you can easily apply via your smartphone or tablet. The new system is easier for members who want to apply for a loan without logging into Online Banking. Members can still choose to log into Online Banking using a laptop or desktop and apply for loan.

New Look of Online Banking

In late Spring, you will notice a new, fresh “look” when you log into Online Banking with features such as enhanced navigation, new colors and icons. The drop-down menu for Share Accounts offers members faster and easier access to their Share Accounts via the improved navigation.

Weekly Branch, Call Center, and Lending Surveys

In order to further our goal of providing the best member service experience in the financial services industry, we are randomly surveying a percentage of members who conduct business via our Call Center or come into a Branch. These members will receive a very brief survey asking them about their service experience. PFFCU sends a survey to every member who received a loan. We will use the results of all the surveys to assess our performance, benchmark ourselves against competitors, and to ensure we continue to provide the utmost in Member Service. We encourage you to participate. Thank you for your continued support of PFFCU. The Board of Directors and I are committed to continuing to earn your Trust by providing superior Service, Value, and Convenience. However, if you are not satisfied with the service you are receiving, please ask to speak to a PFFCU manager to address your concern immediately or email me at or write to me at PFFCU, 901 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.


John LaRosa

Chief Executive Officer and
Treasurer of the Board of Directors