Visa® Credit Cards

All PFFCU Visa cards have these great features:

PFFCU Platinum Rewards Visa

Earn Bonus Points towards merchandise and travel rewards on every qualified purchase1 you make.

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PFFCU Platinum MoneyBack Visa

Earn up to 1% back every time you make a qualified purchase1.

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PFFCU Classic Visa

If you are not interested in our MoneyBack or Rewards programs, you may apply for the PFFCU Visa Classic Card. This card offers a great, low, variable rate with no annual fee.

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You can apply online or by phone at (215) 931-0300 or (800) 228-8801.

Lost or Stolen PFFCU Visa Credit Card

To report a lost or stolen PFFCU Visa Credit Card call (800) 228-8801.

Credit Card Member Service (After-hours)

After-hours, for general questions pertaining to a PFFCU Visa Credit Card call 800-299-9842.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you lost your VISA Credit Card?

To Report a Lost or Stolen Visa Credit Card, please call (800) 228-8801.

Online Services For Existing Card Members

If you already have a PFFCU Visa Credit Card, you can access your account information online, through Online Banking.

If you want to view your Bonus Points balance and see what rewards you are eligible for, click here.

VISA Credit Card Account Alerts

If you have a PFFCU Visa Credit Card, you can sign up for convenient account alerts to make it even easier to handle your finances.

Create an alert and choose to receive your message through email or text message.

  • A single transaction exceeds a limited amount.
  • Payments or credits have posted to the account.
  • A payment is due soon.
  • The account balance exceeds the maximum allowable limit.

To create an alert:

  1. Log on to Online Banking and click “Credit Card”
  2. Select the credit card about which you want to receive alerts.
  3. Select “Alert” on the left, then “Custom Alerts”.
  4. Follow the menu options by completing your contact information including email address and selecting the type of alert you wish to receive.
  5. Click “Submit”

You’ve just made it easier than ever to manager your finances with PFFCU’s Visa Credit Card.

VISA Credit Card Restriction and Fraud Monitoring

The use of the PFFCU Visa Credit Card is not permitted in specific countries due to a high amount of fraudulent activity. For a listing of countries where your card may not work, click here.

Your PFFCU Visa Credit Card has various fraud detection and prevention measures in place to ensure the security of your account. If a fraudulent charge does occur at home or abroad, you can rest easy knowing you have zero liability2 on unauthorized purchases when you report unauthorized charges promptly.

If I currently have a PFFCU VISA Credit Card, when will I receive my new EMV/Chip-enabled card?

If you currently have a PFFCU Visa Credit Card, an EMV/Chip-enabled card will be sent to you as we initiate our chip-enabled credit card program to our members.

If I do not have a PFFCU VISA Credit Card, do I need to apply to receive my new EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU VISA Credit Card?

Yes. Apply today to receive all the valuable benefits of our low rate PFFCU Visa Credit Card, now enabled with EMV/Chip technology for added security. Give us a call, apply online or stop in any branch.

What is an EMV/ Chip-enabled Card?

It’s the same great PFFCU Visa Credit Card with added security. Each time an EMV/Chip-enabled credit card is used for an in-store payment at a chip-activated terminal, a unique one-time code is generated that is used to approve the transaction, providing an additional layer of security. EMV/Chip cards do everything magnetic stripe cards do, but more securely.

Can I use my EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU VISA Credit Card for online and over-the-phone purchases?

Yes. Use your EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU Visa Credit Card the same way you always have when making over-the-phone or online purchases.

How do I use my EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU VISA Credit Card for an in-store purchase?

1. Insert your card “chip” first, face-up into the chip-enabled terminal.
2. Leave your card in the terminal during the entire transaction to complete your purchase. Either sign the receipt or enter your PIN to complete the transaction.
3. Remove your EMV/Chip card after the transaction is approved and you are prompted to do so.

Can I use my EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU VISA Credit Card at terminals that only have the swipe capability?

Yes. The EMV/Chip card still has a magnetic stripe just in case you need to use it at an in-store terminal that only has the swipe capability.

Will my EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU VISA Credit Card work outside the United States?

Yes. Using your card while traveling will be even easier in more than 130 countries where chip cards are already used. Your chip-enabled card will work at merchants processing transactions using a chip-enabled terminal or using a magnetic stripe reader. You should always notify PFFCU when traveling outside of the USA so that we can limit fraudulent use and help ensure that legitimate purchases are approved.

Do I still need to contact PFFCU before traveling outside the country?

Yes. You should always notify PFFCU when traveling outside of the USA so that we can limit fraudulent use and help ensure that legitimate purchases are approved.

Do I still need to sign the back of my card?

Yes. You should sign the back of your card for additional security purposes.

Are there any additional fees associated with the EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU VISA Credit Card?

No. No additional fees apply to this card.

My EMV/Chip-enabled PFFCU VISA Credit Card isn’t working, what are some possible reasons why?

1. You may be inserting the card incorrectly. Make sure you are inserting the “chip” portion of the card first, face-up into the terminal for the entire transaction.
2. The card may have been removed too soon. Do not remove the card from the terminal before the transaction has been completed.
Removing the card early will result in a cancellation of the transaction.
3. If you are using the card at an unmanned payment area, the terminal may not be set up yet.

* Annual Percentage Rate
  1. Qualified purchases do not include cash advances, convenience checks, or returns.
  2. PFFCU may impose greater liability on the cardholder if PFFCU reasonably determines that any unauthorized transaction in question was caused by the gross negligence (which may include your delay for an unreasonable time in reporting unauthorized transactions) or fraudulent action of the cardholder.