24-Hour EXPRESS Banker

Get safe easy access to your PFFCU accounts anytime of day, from any location, simply by using your telephone. EXPRESS Banker lets you get account balances, transfer funds between PFFCU accounts, verify cleared checks, and more!
To access EXPRESS Banker, dial 215-931-0315 or 800-448-4041.

Getting Started

  1. Call EXPRESS Banker at (215) 931-0315 or (800) 448-4041
  2. Enter your 8-digit member number. Then tap #.
  3. Enter you PIN. Then tap #.
    The available balance of your S1 Savings Account and your S4 Checking Account will automatically be given.
  4. Choose the transaction you want, and EXPRESS Banker will provide the specific instructions you need.
  5. Be sure to read all of the tips provided here!

Follow every command with ‘#’

For example: For Money Market Plus (S5) Balance, enter 1#5#.

  • end all entries with the #
  • Enter 1# to post a correct entry.
  • Enter 0# to cancel an entry. This will NOT end your call.
  • Enter *# to repeat the last message at any time during your call.
  • Use the * as a decimal point. A decimal is not necessary when keying in even dollar amounts.
  • For a listing of available transactions enter *#.
  • Transaction histories are available for 1 year prior to the current month.
  • To end the call, enter 0#. Listen for and record your reference number.

Share Balance

Enter 1#your share number# . Example: for your checking, enter 1#4#

Common share numbers:

1  Savings Account
2  Vacation Account
3  Holiday Account
4  Checking Account
5  Money Market Plus Account
6  IRA Money Market Account
9  Mortgage Accumulation Account
12 Roth IRA Money Market Account
18 Education Savings Account
25 Premium Yield Account

Your Share Numbers are identified on your PFFCU account statement.

To hear the Share Numbers available on your account, enter *#.

Loan Information

Enter 2#your loan number#. Example: for Loan 3 (L3) enter 2#3#

Your current balance, payment amount, due date, and loan payoff amount as of today will be given.

Common Loan Numbers:
2 Personal Line of Credit (PLOC)
9 Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Your Loan Numbers are identified on your PFFCU account statement.

To hear the Loan Numbers available on your account, enter *#

Transaction History

Checking History enter 4#1#, then:
  To search for a specific check, enter 1#
  For last five cleared checks, enter 2#
  For all recent Checking transactions, enter 3#

Five most recent Account Transactions, enter 4#2#, then:
  For all account transactions, enter 1#
  For all loan transactions, enter 2#

Other History Choices, enter 4#3#, then:
  For all transactions for a specific date, enter 1#
  For Share transactions for a specific period, enter 2#
  For Loan transactions for a specific period, enter 3#

Account Management

To change your PIN, enter 5#1#

For Year-To-Date Dividends and Interest, enter 6#1#, then:
For current year, enter 1#, or for previous year, enter 2#.

Your taxable dividends, interest paid, bond earnings, certificate penalties, mortgage interest paid, and mortgage points will be given.

For Certificates, enter 6#2#

The maturity date, current balance, and amount at maturity will be given for each individual Certificate Number. Your Certificate Numbers are identified on your PFFCU account statement.

To switch to a different Member Number, enter 6#3#, then:
Enter the member number and #.

This feature allows EXPRESS Banker access to your other accounts without having to hang up and call again, provided the other member number is already set up for EXPRESS Banker use.

Account Transfers

For Share to Share Transfer, enter 8#1#

For Share to Loan Transfer, enter 8#2#

For L2 Line of Credit to S4 Checking Transfer, enter 8#3#

For Share to S4 Checking, enter, 8#4#

For PLOC (L2) or HELOC (L9) to Shares Transfer, enter 8#5#, Then:
Enter from which Loan Number. Example: from PLOC, enter 2#; from HELOC, enter 9#

For Member to Member Transfers, enter 8#6#. then:
Enter from which Share number, then #. Then enter member number to transfer to, then #.

You can authorize up to nine member transfer accounts on your EXPRESS Banker application.

ATM & Debit Card Utility

To activate a Debit Card, or to cancel a lost/stolen ATM or Debit Card, enter 9#, then

To activate a Debit Card, enter 1# or to close a lost or stolen ATM or Debit Card, enter 2#.

Please then call us during normal business hours to order a new card.

For your convenience, we have included the PDF version of our 24- Hour EXPRESS Banker Guide online.

This guide is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. You may download Adobe Reader for free by clicking on the image.

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