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Features and Benefits:

If you make your own investment decisions and want to trade online or over the phone, then our online discount brokerage service is for you! No matter which way you choose to make your brokerage purchases, they will clear directly through your PFFCU checking account. There’s no need to maintain a separate cash account at the brokerage house, and there’s no account minimum. Market orders are just $19.95 for internet trades, and only $29.95 for broker-assisted trades. There is a $2 confirmation fee for all trades. There is also a $.02 per share charge for limit orders.

Account Access

To access your account online, you will need your account number (all accounts set up prior to September 1, 2001 need to use the new account number that was mailed to you) and your 6-digit PIN. Your 6-digit PIN is typically the last 6 digits of your SS#, however you can change your PIN as often as you like once you are in your account. If you do not know your account number or PIN, please contact BestVest Investments at (610) 891-2860 or (800) 434-1776, Monday – Friday, between 8:30am and 5:30pm EST. You may also contact BestVest if you would prefer to place your trades through a broker.

Set-up your Portfolio Now

When you open a BestVest account, you will be able to set up your own portfolio, set notification alerts, access real-time stock quotes, company profiles and reports, daily headline news, market updates, market commentaries and more. This site is available for all members who have a brokerage account with BestVest Investments. There is no minimum balance and you can trade online or by phone as often or as little as you like.

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All trades clear directly from your PFFCU checking account, so you may begin trading today!** You may apply over the phone between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday through Friday, or you may apply online. To open an account over the phone, please contact BestVest Investments at (610) 891-2860 or (800) 434-1776.

Please choose one of the following options to open your account online. (Please note that these forms will be electronically sent to BestVest Investments):

Individual Account
Joint Account
Custodial Account

Secure Account Access

Because your account’s security is important to us and BestVest Investments, the highest level of security is required to access your brokerage account. 128-bit encryption guarantees that any traffic between you and the server that you access your brokerage account on, will be unreadable to anyone else. The 128-bit encryption ensures the highest level of security available. For more information on security, please access our Security and Browser Information Web page.

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**PFFCU is not a registered broker nor is it affiliated with BestVest. Discount Brokerage Services are executed through BestVest Investments, Ltd, clearing through 2012 RBC Correspondent Services, a division of RBC Capital Markets, LLC, Member NYSE/FINRA/SIPC. Members and clients of the Discount Brokerage Program are advised that this program offers services which permit the member to invest in investment securities which: (1) are not federally insured; (2) are not obligations of the Credit Union; (3) are not guaranteed by the Credit Union or any affiliated entity; and, (4) involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principal. Trading hours are 9:30am to 4:00pm. Funds may be withheld until W9 form is signed and submitted to BestVest. Additional forms must be filled out, signed and submitted to BestVest immediately following the opening of your account.