Income Tax Preparation

Through an agreement with TaxACT®, you can prepare your federal and/or state tax returns safely and securely through TaxACT ® Online.
There is NO CHARGE to prepare, print, or e-file your federal income tax return.
Packages that allow you to file state returns, or get additional assistance in filing your federal return, are available at special discounted rates for PFFCU members. Just click the appropriate link below.

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The following states do not require a state income tax return to be filed: AK, FL NV, SD, TN, TX, WA and WY.

PFFCU is not affiliated with TaxACT or TaxACT Online, which are independent, third party financial service providers. PFFCU does not guarantee the accuracy of any calculation or document submitted to the IRS or any state taxing authority, and will not be responsible for any penalties that may be assessed against you.