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PFFCU members must qualify for the Courtesy Overdraft Program. All overdrafts are paid at PFFCU’s discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will authorize or pay any type of transaction. If PFFCU does not pay an overdraft, the transaction will be declined. There is no limit on the total fees PFFCU can charge, if you authorize us to pay overdrafts.


Additional Information
What is an overdraft?
An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your checking account to cover a transaction, but the transaction is paid anyway.

What services does PFFCU offer to pay overdrafts?
PFFCU offers two options that allow your overdrafts to bepaid. The first of these options is free, while the second has a fee associated with it. The options are explained below.

  1. Free Overdraft Services offered by PFFCU
    1. If you do not have enough money in your checking account to cover a check or ACH debit transaction, PFFCU will process the transaction by using the money from your savings account if there are sufficient funds in your savings account. PFFCU does this automatically.
    2. If you selected overdraft protection from your Personal Line of Credit (PLOC), PFFCU will cover the check or ACH debit transaction overdraft if there is enough credit available from your PLOC.

    You can choose either one or both of these options, and the order of payment, i.e. savings then PLOC, PLOC then savings, savings only, or PLOC only.

  2. Courtesy Overdraft Program that incurs a charge by PFFCU
    PFFCU offers a Courtesy Overdraft Program (COD), where PFFCU will pay overdrafts, up to a predetermined limit, for a fee, if there are insufficient funds in your savings account and you either don't have available credit on your PLOC or you have not selected the PLOC option to cover overdrafts. When a transaction item is paid through the COD program, it causes your checking account to have a negative balance, which must then be repaid.
    1. The following types of COD overdraft transactions will incur a $19 fee:
      • Checks, including Bill Payer checks
      • ACH debits to your checking account
    2. The following type of COD overdraft transaction will incur a $6 fee:
      • One-time Point of Sale (POS) transactions with your PFFCU Debit Card or ATM Card

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