Account Alerts

Would you like to receive an email or text message alert when specific events occur on your account(s)? You can through Online Banking.

You can receive an alert when any of the following activities occur on your account:

  1. Events – Maturing Certificate, Failed Transfer, Maturing Loan, Loan Payment Due
  2. Balance – High or Low Balance in an account for a specific amount
  3. Transactions – When a debit transaction is posted for over a specific amount
  4. Item – A specific check number clears an account
  5. Security – Invalid Login, ID Change, Successful Login, Password Change
  6. Personal – Specify a date and Alert Message

Establish Account Alerts by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into Online Banking.
  2. Click Settings tab, select Alerts
  3. Select or edit an Alert you would like to receive.
  4. Choose account, enter all information, check Alert me box, click Continue.
  5. Verify the information, click Submit.

To receive Account Alerts via email: from Alerts Listing, see Current Alert Settings. Your email address on file is displayed. You can edit your email address or add two additional email addresses.

To receive a text message to your phone or mobile device: enter your phone number followed by your wireless carrier email address listed below.

Email addresses for other carriers can be obtained by contacting the carrier.


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