Fee Schedule


Checks and Payments (per item fee)
ACH (NSF/returned check)$18.00
ACH(returned origination request)$15.00
Courtesy Overdraft With a Fee1$18.00/$7.00
Returned Share Drafts (NSF)$18.00
Returned Check Deposit$15.00
Returned Loan Payment2$15.00
ACH Stop Payment$15.00
Draft Stop Payment$15.00
Visa Debit Card (2nd card)$5.00
Visa Debit Card Reorder$5.00
Expedited Delivery of Card$21.00
Expedited Delivery of PIN$21.00
Order of 100 Standard Checks$9.99
Money Order$2.00
Visa Gift Card (Denominations $10.00 to $750.00)$2.50
Loan Payment Made by Credit Card$10.00
Safe Deposit Box (annual fee)
3 x 5$25.00 annually
5 x 5$35.00 annually
3 x 10$40.00 annually
5 x 10$60.00 annually
10 x 10$100.00 annually
Inventory Fee$30.00 per hour
Key Replacement$25.00
Drilling Fee$170.00
Account Reconciliation Fee$30.00 per hour
Copy of Member Checks which have cleared$3.00
Statement Copy$3.00
Late Fees
Late Fee Auto, Signature, PLOC & VISA$15
Late Fee Home Equity Loans (5% of monthly principal and interest)5%
Late Fee Mortgages (5% of monthly principal and interest)5%
Late Fee Home Equity Lines (lesser of $20 or 4% of unpaid amount)4% or $20.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Domestic Wire Transfer$20.00
Any Incoming Wire TransferNo Charge
Dormant Account Fee$20.00
Escheatment Fee$100.00
Notary Public Service Fee (for non-PFFCU related documents only)$10.00 per document
Writ of Execution Processing Fee$100.00
IRS Levy Processing Fee$100.00
Child Support Order Processing Fee$100.00
State Tax Lien Processing Fee$100.00
Account Closure/Balance Verification (applicable to decedent Accounts)$100.00

PFFCU no longer accepts foreign checks or processes foreign outgoing wires.

Business Account Fees
Sole Proprietor/Corporation Account Service Fee$10.00 per month
Per Check Charges (for over 100 checks per month)$0.25
Per Transaction Charges (for over 999 per month)$1.00
Return Check Deposit$15.00
Transaction Related Fees
Premium Yield Withdrawal Fee3$10.00
ATM Fee4$1.00
Certificate Early Withdrawal Fees
3-month — forfeiture of all dividends
6-month — forfeiture of 90 days dividends
9 to 24 months — forfeiture of 180 days dividends
30 to 60 months — forfeiture of 360 days dividends

1. The $18 fee is for checks, ACH and Bill Pay transactions, whether the transaction was paid or returned; the $7 fee is for POS EFT transactions that are paid.

2. This is the fee for a payment returned due to insufficient funds in the drawing account. This does not include any late payment fees that may be assessed.

3. No charge for first two withdrawals or transfers out each month.

4. Unlimited free transactions at PFFCU ATMs, members receive 12 free ATM transactions per month at non-PFFCU ATMs, any transactions thereafter are $1.00 each.


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