PFFCU Member Bonus

PFFCU members can receive up to $1,000! This year, we plan to put more cash back in your pocket by returning a portion of our income back to you.

It Pays to Be a Member: Receive up to $1,000

In addition to the many other benefits of PFFCU membership, we plan to return a portion of our 2018 income to our members. All members in good standing are eligible to receive up to $1,000! It’s our way of saying we value your membership and thank you for your business. Your exact Member Bonus will be determined by the amount of interest we pay you on deposits, the interest you pay us on loans, and the amount of courtesy overdraft fees you pay.

As a member, you may earn 10% of your loan interest paid and 10% of your deposit interest earned. We also know that overdrafts happen to even the most careful of people, and we will be returning 10% of your paid courtesy overdraft fees. The Member Bonus is calculated on deposit interest earned, loan interest paid and courtesy overdraft fees paid January 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018. The payout percentage of the Member Bonus1 (10%) is dependent on PFFCU’s financial performance and is not guaranteed.
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Maximize Your Member Bonus

As a member focused organization, our mission is to be your primary financial services provider by delivering superior member service, lower loan rates, higher savings yields, and lower fees. We invite you to maximize your Member Bonus by doing more business with PFFCU. By moving your checking, loans, mortgage, savings, and other accounts to PFFCU, you’ll receive superior member service, plus increase your Member Bonus payout.
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Not a PFFCU Member?

You can enjoy all of the benefits that PFFCU membership provides by joining today. We offer outstanding financial products and services that include free checking, exceptionally low loan and credit card rates, great money-saving refinancing opportunities, and more. We will earn your Trust by providing quality financial products at very attractive prices, delivered with superior Service, Value, and Convenience. The sooner you join, the more opportunity you have to receive up to a $1,000 Member Bonus!
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1.  The Police and Fire Federal Credit Union Member Bonus Program is subject to change at any time, without notice. The Member Bonus amount, when paid, is dependent on Police and Fire Federal Credit Union’s financial performance and is not guaranteed. The Member Bonus is based on deposit interest earned, loan interest paid, and courtesy overdraft fees paid January 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018. First mortgages sold to Fannie Mae and Student Loans are not eligible for the Member Bonus. To receive the Member Bonus, you must meet all eligibility criteria and have an account in good standing on the deposit date of December 11, 2018. When paid, the Member Bonus will be deposited into the S0001 Savings Account with the exception of IRA accounts. The Member Bonus for interest earned on an IRA account will be deposited directly to the IRA share account. Member Bonus payout requires that you must have accumulated enough deposit interest, loan interest or courtesy overdraft fees to qualify for at least a $1 Member Bonus. Maximum Member Bonus payout is $1,000. The Member Bonus may be taxable and a portion will be included on a 1099-INT form for 2018. Police and Fire Federal Credit Union does not provide tax advice, please consult a tax advisor.



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