Credit Counseling and Debt Management

PFFCU has partnered with Clarifi so that you may take advantage of confidential credit counseling and a Debt Management Plan (DMP), with FREE account set up.

Clarifi is a non-profit service organization dedicated to delivering professional credit education, confidential credit and housing counseling and debt reduction programs. As a PFFCU member, you are able to receive FREE assistance from Clarifi’s professional counselors.

  • Evaluate and analyze your financial picture.
  • Develop options for help.
  • Gain control of your personal finances.
  • Eliminate creditor calls.
  • Repay your debt more quickly.
  • Create a budget so you can begin saving.
  • Recover from credit problems.

Clarifi has convenient meeting locations throughout the Delaware Valley. In addition, many of its services are offered by telephone and through its website. For more information, call Clarifi at 800-989-2227 or 215-563-5665.

  1. Clarifi is not owned, operated or affiliated in any way with Police and Fire Federal Credit Union.
  2.  All advice and counseling is provided solely by Clarifi and accepted at your discretion.


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