Certificate Rates

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Banks, Auto Dealers, and Mortgage Brokers negotiate rates. Why doesn’t PFFCU?

Rates are effective as of July 1, 2017 and are subject to change. Annual Percentage Yields (APYs).

$1,000 MinimumDividend RateAPY
3 month1.144%1.150%
6 month1.144%1.150%
9 month1.193%1.200%
1 Year1.243%1.250%
15 month1.292%1.300%
18 month1.391%1.400%
2 Year1.490%1.500%
30 month1.588%1.600%
3 Year1.687%1.700%
4 year1.834%1.850%
5 Year1.982%2.000%

Click here to view penalties for early withdrawals. Check PFFCU’s “Truth in Savings” Brochure for more details. Yields assume that all dividends are compounded.