Because your account’s security is important to us, we have elected to use the highest level of encryption currently available in web browsers. 2048-bit encryption guarantees that any traffic between you and our Online Banking server will be unreadable to anyone else. The 2048-bit ensures the highest level of security available.

In addition to requiring the 2048-bit encryption, which is the highest level of security available, Online Banking also utilizes SSL technology to deliver data encryption message integrity and server authentication. The security lock in your browser’s address bar, lets you know that your online banking session is secure.

Internet Settings
For Online Banking to work correctly, you will need to enable your browser to accept cookies, and javascript should be enabled.

The “cookies” set by Online Banking are used to maintain your browser’s state information while you use the latest version of Online Banking. This is a feature added to make the service quicker and more reliable. We do not use the cookies to breach your privacy in any way; they are only set while you are accessing Online Banking and are deleted automatically as soon as you close your browser. In most browsers, you can set your browser to prompt you whether you want to accept cookies. We are aware that some companies use “cookies” to track you for advertising and demographic purposes. We do not do this.

PFFCU will be glad to help you with the most common problems you may encounter using Online Banking. Please note that questions about your browser should be directed to your browser’s manufacturer. You will often find more useful information under your browser’s Help menu. For questions or comments concerning Online Banking security, please contact Member Service.

Did you forget your Online Banking ID or Password?
If you forgot your Online Banking ID call 215-931-0300 or 800-228-8801 and a Member Service Representative will assist you. If you forgot your Online Banking Password go to and enter your Online Banking ID. Then click “Forgot your Password”, enter your Login ID and complete the steps to create a new password.

Mobile: Tap “Forgot your Password.” Enter your Login ID and complete the steps to create a new password.

Additional Security

Secure Access Code
A Secure Access Code has been added as an extra layer of security that helps to ensure your Online Banking information is protected. You can select to receive your Secure Access Code through text, email, or by phone call. After your initial log in, you can choose to register your device to avoid using a Secure Access Code each time you log into Online or Mobile Banking. For security reasons, you should not register any device you do not own (e.g. public or work computer).

Transaction Authorization Code
Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) is an optional security feature. Adding a TAC to your account means that whenever you or any joint owner (if any) on your account transact PFFCU business by phone, by mail or in person, the TAC must be provided (along with any other requested identification information). By completing and submitting a TAC application, you may add a general Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) to your account.

For your convenience, we have included this application online. We recommend that you open this form, fill it out online, and mail it in. We do require two forms of identification, and one form must be a valid driver’s license, non-driver’s identification, police, fire or military identification or passport. In the alternative, a signature may be notarized. If you prefer, you may bring this application to any one of our branches. Please mail all TAC applications to PFFCU, 901 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, Attention Operations.

Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) Request