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Rates are effective as of December 17, 2019, and are subject to change. Annual Percentage Rates (APRs).


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Visa Platinum, Classic, and Secured 3 4

Monthly payment is 2.50% of outstanding balance with a minimum of $10

APRHow the variable APR is calculated
10.65%prime + 5.9%
14.65%prime + 9.9%
18.00%prime + 14.65%4
Personal Line of Credit 1 3

Monthly payment is 2.25% of the line amount with a minimum of $25

APRHow the variable APR is calculatedMinimum Rate
9.65%prime + 4.9%8.9%
13.65%prime + 8.9%12.9%
17.90%prime + 12.9%17.9%
Signature Loan 1 2 3
APRMonthly Payment
60 Month Term
Monthly Payment
72 Month Term
Pledge Loan 2
APRMonthly Payment

1. Personal Line of Credit and Signature Loan include ½% discount with automatic payment from an active PFFCU Checking Account or distribution from a payroll check automatically deposited with PFFCU and is SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. The current prime rate is 4.75%, as of 11/18/2019.
2. All payments quoted per $1,000 borrowed. Terms are based on 60 months unless otherwise noted. The 72 month Signature Loan has a $10,000 minimum loan requirement. The Pledge Loan is based on a term of 84 months. To get a monthly payment for a specific borrowed amount, multiply the per $1,000 payment factor by the number of thousand dollars borrowed. For example: If you borrow $10,000, multiply 10 by the monthly figure noted next to the specified loan product.
3. Your rate will depend on your credit score at the time of application.
4. The ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE (APR) for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances will vary with the Market based on the Prime Rate and may adjust monthly. It will be the sum of an “Index” plus a “Margin.” The “Index” for any given month will be equal to the Prime Rate published in the Selected Interest Rates section of the Federal Reserve website at fifteen days prior to the beginning of each month. If the Selected Interest Rates section is not updated that day, we will select the rate on the next day it is updated. If the Index changes on or before this day in any given month, your ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE and monthly periodic rate will change on your monthly periodic statement that is produced on or after the first day of the following month. On 12/17/2019, the applicable Prime Rate was 4.75%. The “Margin” will be 5.9%, 9.9%, or 14.65%. Your ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE thus equals the Prime Rate of 4.75% plus 5.9%, 9.9%, or 14.65%, with an APR of 10.65%, 14.65%, or 18%, depending on your credit score at the time of your application. The APR may not exceed the maximum rate allowed by the National Credit Union Administration, currently 18%. The maximum rate on this card may change if the NCUA changes the maximum rate permitted. If the ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE increases due to an increase in the Index, you may pay more in finance charges and it may take you longer to pay what you owe in full. Your total combined PFFCU Personal Line of Credit, PFFCU Visa Line of Credit and PFFCU Signature Loan balance cannot exceed $30,000.


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