Premium Yield and Money Market Accounts

Safe, Convenient, and Flexible Ways to Save for Your Future.

Premium Yield and Money Market Accounts

PFFCU’s Premium Yield Account1 and Money Market Plus Account provide great investment opportunities for those who want convenient access to their funds. If you have funds invested in a money market mutual fund or a money market accounts at another institution, you could increase your earnings with one of these PFFCU money-making insured investment options.

Apply online and we’ll open an account for you within one business day. If you prefer, call 215-931-0300 or 800-228-8801 during our business hours, or visit any of our convenient branch locations and we’ll open a Money Market Plus or Premium Yield Account for you today!

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1. 0% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is earned on balances that fall below minimum required balance, of $2,500.

2. Premium Yield Account owners are entitled to two FREE withdrawals per calendar month, including the transfer of funds. Accounts will be charged $10 for each additional withdrawal/transfer per month.


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