Savings Accounts

Save for Your Future Today!

Savings Accounts

A PFFCU Savings Account earns you more than savings accounts at other institutions, has no minimum balance fees, and opens the door to a lifetime of financial opportunities. To become a PFFCU member, you only need to deposit and maintain $5 in a savings account. A PFFCU Savings Account is also a terrific way to teach your children or young relatives the value of saving.

Savings Plus Account

A PFFCU Savings Plus Account provides a great investment opportunity for those who want convenient access to their funds. If you have funds invested in a money market mutual fund or a money market account at another institution, you could increase your earnings with this PFFCU money-making insured investment option.

If you are already a member, open a Holiday, Vacation, or other high-yielding savings account online.

If you are not a current member and are interested in becoming one, please see our Membership Eligibility requirements.


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