Cyber Security Month- Being Smart About Online Privacy

Cyber Security Month- Being Smart About Online Privacy Internet usage for most of us has become second nature. We go online to bank, shop, use social media, take care of medical records, make reservations with friends to grab a bite to eat or place an order...

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ATM Security Tips

ATM Security Tips Our member’s security is of the utmost importance to us here at PFFCU. Using an ATM is a convenient way to access the funds in your accounts, make withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries, sometimes without ever having to leave the comfort of your...

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Refinancing Your Home Loan? What You Need to Know

Refinancing Your Home Loan? What You Need to Know. When considering refinancing your home loan there are many factors that you should take into consideration. Being knowledgeable about the home refinance process can help you make more informed decisions about  which option may be best for...

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Setting a Budget for Your New Pet

Budgeting for Your New Pet In August we celebrated the 5th Annual Clear the Shelters Event! This amazing event helped more than 90,000 pets get adopted all across the country. Owning a pet can bring you and your loved ones lots of joy and happiness but...

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Time to Renovate or Time to Move On?

Time to renovate or time to move on? Are you starting to feel cramped in your existing home as your family continues to grow? Do you look around and think to yourself, I could really use some extra living space, another bathroom would be great, or...

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Inexpensive Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Inexpensive ways to stay cool this summer Summer months are filled with fun outdoor activities, tasty BBQ’s and sunny, sandy beach days! With rising temperatures and humidity in the Philly region, staying indoors may just be your best bet. To help you stay cool we’ve put...

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