Time to Renovate or Time to Move On?

Time to renovate or time to move on? Are you starting to feel cramped in your existing home as your family continues to grow? Do you look around and think to yourself, I could really use some extra living space, another bathroom would be great, or...

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Inexpensive Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Inexpensive ways to stay cool this summer Summer months are filled with fun outdoor activities, tasty BBQ’s and sunny, sandy beach days! With rising temperatures and humidity in the Philly region, staying indoors may just be your best bet. To help you stay cool we’ve put...

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Simple Tips to Help You Save in College

Simple Tips to Help You Save in College Congratulations! You’ve made it through graduation and are enjoying time with family and friends before heading off to school in a few short months. Your first year of college can be such an exciting time, maybe you’re headed...

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Understanding Non-Owner Occupied Mortgages

Understanding Non-Owner Occupied Mortgages Thinking of purchasing another home for investment purposes like renovating to sell for a profit, using the property to source rental income, or co-signing a loan to help out a loved one? Or are you already a real estate investing pro looking...

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Common Phone Scams, What You Need to Know

Common Phone Scams, What You Need to Know New phone scams and phishing attempts are becoming increasingly more common and more sophisticated, but still share the same end goal of trying to scam consumers out of their hard earned money. With these scams on the rise...

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Planning a Summer Vacation on a Budget

Summer is only a month away! This means the kids are almost out of school, the sun is stronger, the days are longer, and for most of us, the added pressure of planning, and paying for, that perfect summer vacation is hanging over our heads. This...

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