24-Hour EXPRESSBanker

Get safe easy access to your PFFCU accounts anytime of day, from any location, simply by using your telephone. EXPRESSBanker lets you get account balances, transfer funds between PFFCU accounts, verify cleared checks, and more! To access EXPRESSBanker, dial 215-931-0315 or 800-448-4041.

Getting Started
  1.  Call 24-Hour EXPRESSBanker at 215-931-0315 or 800-448-4041.
    You must listen to the full greeting and then you will be prompted to follow the steps below.
  2.  Enter your 8-digit member number.
  3.  Enter your PIN.
  4.  The available balance of your S0001 Savings Account and your S0004 Checking Account will automatically be given.
  5.  Choose the action from the main menu that you want to complete and EXPRESSBanker will provide specific instructions.

Helpful Tip:

  • Press 3* for the main menu
  • Press 9* to access a different member number
  • If you would like to establish member to member transfers, you can setup a list. This can be established by calling 215-931-0300 or 800-228-8801 to speak with a Member Service Representative.
Main Menu

Select from the following below by pressing:

1 for Account Balance
2 for Account History
3 for Funds Transfer Activities
4 for Activate Your PFFCU Debit Card
5 for Change PIN

1- Account Balance Menu

Checking Account

  • Current Balance
  • Available Balance

Share Accounts

  • Current Balance
  • Available Balance

Certificates and IRAs

  • Current Balance
  • Maturity Date
  • Yield Available


When one of the below Loans is selected, you will hear your Current Balance, Next Payment Amount, Next Payment Date, and Payoff Amount.

  • Personal Line of Credit*
  • Auto
  • Signature Loan
  • Home Equity Line of Credit

 Personal Line of Credit provides an additional option, Available Balance which is listed after Current Balance.

Credit Card

  • Current Balance
  • Available Balance
  • Payment Amount
  • Next Payment Date

Mortgage/Home Equity Loan

  • Current Balance
  • Payment Amount
  • Next Payment Date
2 - Account History Menu


When one of the below is selected, you can obtain your Account History by searching: Last 10 Transactions, By Date or By Amount. Checking Account provides an additional option (listed last) allowing you to search by Check Number.

Checking Account
Share Accounts
Certificates and IRAs
Loan Accounts

3 - Funds Transfer Menu

Transfer Funds Immediately

Schedule a Funds Transfer

  • One Time Transfer
  • Bi-weekly Transfer
  • Monthly Transfer

Immediate Payments
Hear An Existing Transfer
Delete Existing Scheduled Transfers

4 - Activate Your PFFCU Debit Card

You will be prompted to follow the next simple steps.

5 - Change PIN

You can change your PIN to any combination of numbers between 1000 and 9998.

Reference for Easy Navigation

View your Share, Checking, Certificate, IRA, and Loan ID/Number(s).

Checking ID/Number
Checking 0004

Share ID/Numbers
Savings 0001
Vacation 0002
Holiday 0003
Savings Plus Account 0005
Premium Yield Accounts 0025

Certificate ID/Numbers
PFFCU Certificate numbers will increase sequentially based on the quantity of PFFCU Certificates you own.
Certificate 1000
Traditional IRAs 3000
Roth IRAs 4000
ESAs 5000

IRA Share ID/Numbers
Traditional IRAs 0006
Roth IRAs 0012
ESA IRAs 0018

Loan ID/Numbers
Personal Line of Credit 0002
Home Equity Line of Credit 0009

Note: The below Loan ID/Numbers vary:
Signature Loan
Credit Card
Mortgage/Home Equity Loan

For your convenience, we have included the PDF version of our 24-Hour EXPRESSBanker Guide online.

24-Hour EXPRESSBanker Guide is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.



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